SILVER JUBILEE 1984 - 2009


The Chamber was founded in the year 1984 and  registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act as “Indo-Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce  & Industry”.  Later when it extended its activities to Singapore and Malaysia, it was renamed as “India-Sri Lanka-South East Asia Chamber of Commerce & Industry”.  During the year 1993, with the approval of the Registrar of Companies, the Chamber has been rechristened as “India-ASEAN-Sri Lanka Chamber of Commerce & Industry” following the emergence of ASEAN as a powerful economic trading block and the prospects and the opportunities available for India for increasing the trade and economic relations with Member Countries of ASEAN namely Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, LAOS, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. 


The main objectives of the Chamber are: 


i   To promote and foster trade and commerce between India on one side, member countries of ASEAN and Sri Lanka on the other.


ii  To promote and foster  technical and industrial collaboration in such a manner as shall be in the mutual interests of India and ASEAN member countries and Sri Lanka. 


The Chamber maintains close contacts with the Indian Embassies/ High Commissions in ASEAN countries and Sri Lanka and their respective Embassies and High Commissions in India, besides having established functional links with leading Chambers of Commerce in these countries.  The Chamber has also established contact with Government organisations like International Enterprise Singapore in Singapore, Malaysian Industrial Development Authority in Malaysia and Board of Investment in Sri Lanka and Thailand and receives trade statistics and other information from these bodies. 


The services of the Chamber include: 


a. Exchange of trade enquiries and information between India and these countries.


b. Information to Members on Government tenders for different projects.


c. Circulating to Members well documented periodic reports on economic / commercial conditions in Sri Lanka and ASEAN countries from the information supplied by the respective Embassies and High Commissions.


d. Sending Trade Delegations to these countries.


e. Organising meetings for various trade delegations from these countries with the Members of the Chamber.


f. The Chamber issues recommendation letter for issue of visa to visit the concerned countries..


g.  Issuing letters of introduction to the Members proceeding to these countries on business trips, etc. 


The Chamber also receives large number of trade enquiries from these countries and they are circulated to all Members. 


Members are welcome to write to our Chamber for any particulars/ statistics relating to trade and industry and the Chamber will forward the same to them soon. With a single-minded devotion, this Chamber dedicates itself to the service of the business community.




Websites of CORPORATE PATRON MEMBERS will be included in this Chamber's website, which is hyperlinked to Sri Lanka and the ASEAN markets



Public Holidays in India, ASEAN and Sri Lanka


Corporate Patron Membership




ASEAN & Sri Lanka –  Exchange rates  as on 09.03.2018


1 Bruneian Dollar BND

= 49.41 INR 1 INR =     0.02 BND

1 Cambodia Riel KHR

=   0.02 INR 1 INR =   61.64 KHR

1 Indonesian Rupiah IDR

=   0.05 INR 1 INR = 211.80 IDR

1 Laotian Kip LAK

=   0.01 INR 1 INR = 127.34 LAK

1 Malaysia Ringgit MYR

= 16.64 INR 1 INR =     0.06 MYR

1 Burmese Kyat MMK 

=   0.05 INR 1 INR =   20.31 MMK

1 Philippine Peso PHP 

=   1.25 INR 1 INR =     0.80 PHP

1 Singapore Dollar SGD 

= 49.40 INR 1 INR =     0.02 SGD

1 Thai Baht THB

=   2.07 INR 1 INR =     0.48 THB

1 Vietnamese Dong VND 

= 0.002 INR 1 INR = 349.79 VND

1 Sri Lanka Rupee LKR  

=   0.42 INR 1 INR =      2.39 LKR